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Old Colwyn, United Kingdom

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Lauren Natasha Eastwood-Roberts

I go from house to house trying to find somewhere I can create bespoke garments i.e dresses / trousers / jackets t-shirts as well as customizing clothing. I love singing / listening to music and getting out in the world to grab new opportunities. / My ambition is to be part of the music and design industry. Currently I'm photographing bands at various venues round north Wales and customizing my own clothing with fabric paint / buttons ect / My aim is to be become a business woman specializing in the creative industry


Fashion Designer+Mixed Media artist+Photographer Hey my name is Lauren Natasha Eastwood-Roberts and I am an independent artist/designer. I love to explore anything I can get my hands on and I am known to not turn my nose up at anything. My interests include tattoos, piercings and exploring my wildest thoughts. I love to use unusual material when designing i.e. cleaning products, nappies, sanitary towels. I thrive on using the unusual materials and making garments so they look unrecognizable to what they actually are made out of. My desire is to be liberated by other people’s fetishes and dreams by not being afraid of what others might think of my own fetishes and dreams. I am inspired by surrealist artists/film makers such as George Melies and Rene Magritte. My goal is to create bespoke dresses and garments for theatre, drag queens, transgender and burlesque. I strive to be the best I can be and create the most extraordinary garments I can make with these hands.

Hi there, my name is Lauren Natasha Eastwood-Roberts i'm 19 and from North Wales. I am currently building a business called LNER Design, while preparing for University at Manchester Metapolitan University for BA Fashion. In the next few months I will be preparing for university but i will be blogging on here about my experience with running my own business and my daily experiences

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05/27/2014 - Present

LNER Design Apparel





Bespoke apparel plus Limited Edition designs  

Available to buy!



11/21/2013 - Present

Twisted Edge Magazine


Band Photographer


North Wales

My new feature in Twisted Edge Magazine

June 2014 Issue 7

I usually submitt things I've made but I'm heading more towards music related creativity at the moment.

If you woud like to buy the magazine or download it:

It is also free online: 

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DB+DVP Music Promotion:

Photograhy by




01/31/2014 - Present

Twisted Edge Magazine


Photographer for DeadBeat Music Promotion


North Wales

DeadBeat Music Promotion gig
Photography by
I have a monthly blog in Twisted Edge Magazine  
Latest blog in my usual monthly blog since late 2013





Alternative Spring Clean


08/15/2013 - Present

Photography By LNER


Photographer for DeadBeat Music Promotion



LNER Band Photography 2013 – Present:  
Naked Agenda - 2014
Hill Valley High - 2014
Escape Arcadia - 2013 - 2014
Surrounded By Silence - 2013 - 2014
Artisfiction - 2013
Atlas Will Atone - 2013
White Wolves - 2013
Elements  - 2013
Cherry Tree Walk - 2013
Haze&Snow - 2013
Cuthulhu  - 2013
Rogen - 2013
Psycodeth - 2013
Lucy was a Decoy - 2013
Arlington Heights UK - 2013
Engine Vein - 2013
Heaven Shall Fall – 2013
Manifest – 2013 
These are a few bands I have photographed, some under Dead Beat Music Promotion and others just for fun.
Photo below: Gorgeous Freaks Magazine
Photography - LNER
Band - Surrounded By Silence
DeadBeat Music Promotion




LNER Design Appearances 2012-Present



Design Appearances:

Cariad Ink Tattoo Festival – Llanudno – Winter  2013

British Heat Foundation – Colwyn Bay & Rhyl – 2013/14 (Donated for Charity)

Molly and Mabel – Llandudno – 2013

The Tailors Gallery (Helfa Gelf/Art Trail) – Llandudno – September 2013

Helfa Gelf/Art Trail – Old Colwyn – September 2012

Coleg Llandrillo, End of year exhibition – Rhos -On-Sea –June 2013

Engedi Arts Exhibition – Colwyn Bay – December – 2012



Collaborating with Models



Designs have been worn by:
Beccalou Alt Model - Winter 2014
Kitty Von Crypt - 2013
Leanne Eccles - Summer 2013
Poppy Woods - 2013
Naomi Rose O'Neill - 2013
Lauren Lascivious - 2013
Rory Evans - 2013
Photo Credit: Chris Horgan-Photography
Model: Naomi Rose O'Neill and Rory Evans


Best Dressed Booth

Where from:

Cariad Ink Tattoo Festival

I showcased my work at Cariad Ink Tattoo Festival, got too Day of the Dead skulls on each arm by Lee Maui at Studio 13 and won Bet Dressed Booth all in one weekend.

Photo By Jaded Images @Cariad Ink Tattoo Festival


Collaborating with Photographers



Collaborated with:

Bitter Sweet Photography - Winter 2014

Laura Hince Photography - Winter 2013

Jaded Images –-Summer  2013

Jezz Photography - Summer 2013

StuArtFul - Summer  2013

Glowe Photography - Summer  2013

Mel Davies Photography - Summer  2013

Photo Credit: StuArtFul

Model: PoppyWoods


Magazine Features



Magazine Features:

Twisted Edge - Issue 4 February 2014

Twisted Edge - Issue 3, January 2014

Gorgeous Freaks Magazine – Issue 24, December 2013, Photographer for DeadBeat Music Promotion

Necro Girls – Issue 4, October 2013 – Jaded Images

Gorgeous Freaks Magazine – issue22, October 2013, Jaded Images

Twisted Edge - Issue 2, Mid 2013, LNER Design

Gorgeous Freaks Magazine – Issue 20, August 2013 LNER Design

Gorgeous Freaks Magazine - Issue 19, July 2013, Kitty Von Crypt

I have a regular published blog with Twisted Edge Magazine, every month.

Photo Credits for this Feature: Chris Horgan Photography

Model: Naomi Rose O'Neill and Rory Evans


I have a fetish for Mannequins


(Agalmatophilia- Fetish involving statues


mannequins or immobility)


I briefly worked for Patrick Walsh


Llandudno and collaborated on an exhibition for Helfa Gelf/Art Trail North Wales September 2013


Won Best Dressed Booth – Cariad Ink Tattoo Festival – Winter 2013 (first thing I've won while running LNER Design)

Dream Job

Business woman running LNER Design

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Freelance, Internship/ Work Experience, Commission / One-off