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Warrington, United Kingdom

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Lauren Martin


My specialism is in both manual screen print and digital repeat design for fashion and interior textiles. The ideas behind my design work always come from a strong conceptual basis and I enjoy thorough research and observation within the chosen subject matter. Despite coming from often in depth subject matter, i like to produce designs that appeal to the commercial markets of fashion and interiors. Designs are realised first through drawing, then repeated through computer design programs. My true passion is for screen printing and my experimental attitude towards this skill is reflected through the use of grand and often unlimited colour, pattern and process in the design. Although i feel the digital print method also has relevance dependent on the desired outcome. I will often mix both the digital and manual process to provide something different in the feel of the fabric. Recent projects involve the use of Super 8 film as inspiration through illustrative and photographic mediums later applied onto cloth. One method involved the use of raw super 8 film and an alternative method of screen exposure, leading to an innovative process applied in repeat to a textile. I graduated from University College Falmouth, 2008, and am now keen to apply my knowledge of design, and skill within making, to projects involving interior space, and collaborations within the fashion field, as well as commercial work within well know areas of design.

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