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Stockport, United Kingdom

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Mali Hayes Campbell



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Communication and Networking

I love to be a social butterfly. I work with many different musicians and artists, mainly in Leeds and Manchester, but also in London, Ireland and even the US. I am currently working on song writing projects with a neo-soul band based in Manchester, currently in the process of recording my EP and also song writing with a grammy award winner from LA


Song Creating

I write my own material, usually by playing guitar or piano. I also collaborate with producers or even write my own beats using Logic, Reason or other comouter softwares.

Education / Qualifications

09/17/2012 - Present

Leeds College of Music


BA Hons, Popular Music



Currently studying Popular Music at LCoM. I will graduate in 2015 with a degree in this subject. Studying has developed my songwriting skills and has allowed me to work with many different musicians and producers which has led to recording songs and will lead me to record my debut EP this summer (2014).

I continue to gig in Leeds and also in Manchester and hope to branch out into more cities

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