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London, United Kingdom

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Mariana Crespo Allen


If it's simple, keep it simple.

I work by the Less is more phylosophy. I believe that simple aesthetics can have just as much impact as complex imagery without being overbearing to the eyes. I usually work with limited flat colour palettes and simple shapes to convey the message clearly. I sketch out concepts and thoroughly work out how to achieve a solution through constant development and iteration.

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Education / Qualifications

University of West London


BA(Hons) Graphic Design (Visual Communication & Illustration)



I flew a plane as part of a university brief. It involved doing an activity we had never done before in the duration of 3 hours.


I cooked and ate crickets and locusts that I bought from a pet shop as part of my Final Major Project research on the consumption of insects as food (a.k.a. entomophagy). Delicious.


My semi-broken Wacom tablet defined the flat-coloured style I use today. The pressure sensitivity function stopped working and from then on I started using flat bold colours to produce my work. I'm still using that same tablet today.

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