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London, United Kingdom

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Marie de Beaucourt


What's Happening

pico concept album artwork


Adobe suite

Illustrator, Indesign, Premiere, Photoshop, After Effects, Muse.


Creative writing, copywriting

I write and illustrate graphic novels, I have done copywriting for advertising.



Experience with CD covers, books, storyboarding.


print making

Lithography, silk screen, etching


stop motion animation


Cell animation

Hand drawn animation.

Education / Qualifications

09/01/2010 - 06/30/2014

Central Saint Martins college of art and design


Bachelor in Fine Arts



Bachelor in Fine Arts in the 4D (moving image) pathway. Worked with performance, 16mm film, animation and print making. Tutored by Emily Wardill and John Seth.

One year diploma in professional studies in an Animation production Studio, London.

Erasmus exchange with Universitat der Kunste, Berlin.



Nearly Normal production studio



Intern promoted to Junior Creative then Creative during a year of Professional Diploma in the context of a Fine Arts Bachelor at Central Saint Martins.

Nearly Normal specializes in the production of stop motion animation. Roles included art direction, copywriting, storyboarding, client contact.



We met Marie in 2012 when she was studying film at Central Saint Martins, she was very curious of what we were doing at Nearly Normal and we offered her to come and assist on the shoot of a livestream which we were doing for Ted Baker. She was so motivated and eager to learn that when she told us that she was doing a professional diploma for a year and asked if she could intern with us for a few months, we gladly took her in. She started working with us in August 2012 and quickly adapted to our studio, helping everywhere with a can-do attitude, but also knowing when to ask for help. Her fine drawing skills proved helpful for storyboarding, and soon enough we trusted her with actual illustration jobs, working in close collaboration with our animators. She has a bubbly personality and enjoys connecting people, such as when she brought the ethical fashion brand Muzungu Sisters to the studio. We redesigned their clothes tag and Marie was involved every step of the way, from research to preparing the presentations, client meetings and printer liaison. Marie is determined, committed and a fast learner, making her a trustworthy team player. After a few months at the studio we decided to promote her to Creative. She was in charge of organizing the interviews to recruit new interns and was very helpful in the selection process. When she offered to make a music video for the indie band Subzar, we decided Nearly Normal would produce it. She co-directed this exciting project with my partner Saulo Jamariqueli and single-handedly painted more than 30 square meters of papers to build the sets for the animation. “Somewhere between” will be released in a few months in an exhibition, along with the intricate watercolour sets, in London. Marie’s fine art background proves very interesting in brainstorming sessions where she always brings a different perspective to the table. She has a strong eye as a creative and expresses her ideas clearly and convincingly. She proved to be a good copywriter too, drafting all the copy for our first promotional book as well as a lot of the content on our website. After ten months with us, she left for some well-deserved holidays before going back to university for the last year of her bachelor. We still collaborate with her to this day, and she is always a pleasure to work with. I would happily recommend her to anyone in the creative industry and wish her well in her career. Jaime Kiss Creative Director at Nearly Normal

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