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well, im 15 now so that means I should probably have at least 15 wowing things to say. Unfortunatly I havent (oh dear) but I can imagine 15 things if you give me some time. Ok, a few things I have experienced in my life for real are like going on holiday to Austria and seeing (and hearing)freight trains whizz past my window every night.I tried to catch the noise of them on my phone but it only sounds true in your head if that makes sense. Oh yeh ive also been to Barcelona with my school playing hockey which was nice.Ive found out from that that the Spanish government must care more about sport than England because the astro turf was alot nicer there. Well well find out in 2012 when the olympics come to town, which by the way im planning on being in because by then, I'm either going to be the Enlgand hockey goalkeeper, or I'll be a BBC corresponsant of some sort. Nice talking to you

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