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Manchester, United Kingdom

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Megan Lees

Megan Lees

graphic designer / illustrator / artist / freelancer / tea lover


I am a Manchester based designer with a passion for typography, hand drawn type, crafted design, sharpie fineliners, classic rock and a decent brew...or ten.

Born and bred in Manchester, I am a Graphic Designer. A recent graduate from Salford University, I have a passionate love for typography, crafted design and hand made elements in design. Oh, and a decent brew. I'm addicted to beautiful typography - my friends lust over the latest actor and I lust over the latest pin on my tumblr feed, or a new paper I've discovered. A self-proclaimed Graphics nerd (the best kind!) I love experimenting with new areas of design, new medias and techniques to add to my ever expanding design box of fun. The work I find myself creating more recently links both traditional and new methods of design and print, and more often than not now incorporates some 3-dimensional aspects with any materials I can get my hands on.

What's Happening

Fisheye Collograph
When Youre Strange
Snow White Inner
Snow White Cover
Designophobia Main Poster
Snow White  Front Cover
Beauty Is Fleeting
Van Gogh Interpretation
A Touch Too Much
Rainy Day Guard
Three Drops Of Blood
Wild Beasts Love Bread

Education / Qualifications

09/19/2011 - 07/17/2014

University of Salford


BA (Hons) Graphic Design

The Beards Typography
Many Hands Make Light WorkOutstanding
Self Promotion Poster


I've been drawing since I could hold a pencil. Or crayon. Or Stick...


Received the award for Outstanding for Art at my Sixth Form. Before that the last art thing I won was at McDonalds when I was 8. I won a Furby.


At an industry/portfolio night a designer from a Manchester design company said he'd "never seen anything like it" when looking at my 3-d typography.

Dream Job

Specialist Typography Designer (hand drawn or crafted.)

Work Availability

Available for

Full-Time, Part-Time, Consulting, Freelance, Internship/ Work Experience, Commission / One-off