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Meryl Donoghue


I have recently graduated from Bath Spa University in 2007 with a First in Fine Art, where I was awarded the University Prize for my degree show, a collection of large-scale giclee prints depicting a combination of strangely lit human/animal hybrids and de-limbed female figures. Since leaving university I have developed my work further and have had pieces in two mixed shows hosted by the Stolen Space Gallery in east London. Through my work I explore the idea of mortality and make reference to closely associated topics such as the pursuit of the transcendental dimension, the notion of bereavement and the complexity of emotions that loss evokes. The technical side of the process is also very important to me as the polished, realistic look of the piece forces the viewer to contemplate an alternate level of existence beyond his or her own I am influenced by an array of things. In terms of artists I'd have to mention filmmaker Chris Cunningham, Czech photographer Jan Saudek, Kiki Smith, Joel-Peter Whitkin, Jeff Wall and Salvador Dali I am also interested in the momento mori, especially in American post-mortem portraiture at the turn of the 20th century. I am greatly inspired by folklore, mythology and the idea of narrative. I aim to tell a story through my work, to construct a fantasy that will create intrigue and lure the viewer into a world of my own creation.

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