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Good day. By "we"? - we define Master of Ceremonies "? C.T. and Producer/Writer "? Ryan Davies. We've been working together for around three years now in various and precarious guises, and have achieved all manner of interesting and fantastic things. We're open minded and try to not take ourselves too seriously, our work however, is seriousness - full steam ahead. For instance, we unashamedly took over 1Xtra's Homegrown Tour in Cardiff 2006, then undertook a full frontal assault on BBC Radio, got featured in Music Week, and gained international exposure from the Welsh Music Foundation. We realised very early on, that with good, accessible music, intelligent presentation, and well thought out scenarios, almost anything can be achieved. With this in mind, we took ourselves back to the Studio and set about working. Over the next year and a half, we experimented, collaborated, learnt, and diversified exponentially through over fifty studio tracks. We performed relentlessly, and built on our existing reputations. When we felt we were developed to an extent to forge something really special, we hit the studio, to begin creating our latest work. What we bring to you today, are recordings with intelligence, charisma, strength, and most importantly, accessibility. We continually push ourselves to create something true, something relevant, and something genuinely enjoyable, and as a result, we sound nothing like the majority of current UK Hip-Hop. We are immensely proud of our latest work, combining elements of everything from new-wave, indie, to jazz/fusion. We've also won big fans internationally, we've just finished a commission from Puma to write music for their viral campaigns and gold medallist, world record holder, general legend in the making Usain Bolt and his blog. Puma liked our work so much, they turned into a distribution house for the first time in history, and printed up our Puma work to CD for distribution in Beijing over the Olympics. We liked that. We liked that a lot. Ryan is currently in talks to produce a track for a US TV ad for General Motors. We like that too. CT is no slacker either mind you, Bristol and Cardiff Battle champion at seventeen, having shared the stage with Shola Ama, Omar, Dawn Penn, and continually blowing countless 'current' underground UK Hip-Hop acts out of the water without breaking a sweat. We've done the Radio thing, we've done the TV thing, we've done the corporate thing. We got here without ever having a manager or agent, and we have a combined age of less than David Milliband. Here, however, is what really matters, good music, real stories, and passionate delivery. Do you remember when Hip-Hop was more than just an excuse for poor tailoring? Lets get it back to that...... Yours sincerely, More For Caution.

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