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Morgan Davy


Greetings from the colourfull magics of Morgazmik! I joyistly offer light and energy spawned from blessings of nature, in aid to visually communicate, and breath positive life and energy within with the glowing communities surrounded to the worlds of Artful Nature. Well, errr...I'm 18, my real name is Morgan and I'm from a leafy vill in Surrey! I am a graduate in Graphic Design, and currently been officialy unemplyed for 5 years, with ambitions to forefill my dreams by bringing real Life into the works of self emplyment as a freelance Artist and Musicion i strive to acieve. I also beatbox, rap, dance, skate &finger skate. I wish too cover all elements of hip-hop, all I need to learm to master the art of now is turntableism and breakin. I get inspiration from Life, festivals, people, rollercoasters, anials, candy, women but mainly nature. A lot of my inspiration comes from marrionating Ren and Stimpy and Dr, seuis as a kid. Artists that inspire me: Dali, Esher, Mucha, Wes Wilson, Bonnie Mclean, Rodger Dean, Giga, Banksy, Craola, Geremy Fish, Alex1, KRSN,123Klan, Jamie Howlett and Jhon.K Films that inspire me: A Clockwork Orange, Donnie Darko, Matrix, Freddie Got Fingered, Ace Ventura, Alice in Wonderland, Fantasia and Waking Life. Groupes/bands that inspire me; White Noise, Velvet Underground, Ocric tenticals, Tomita, Tribe called quest, Ugly Ducklyn, Task Force, Jehst, Tricky, Vineashian Snares, CloudDead, Portishead, Aphex Twin, James.B, The type of music I listen to: !UNDERGROUND!Psychedilia, Funk, Jazz, Blues, Ragge, Hip-'op, Breaks, Dance, DnB, Gabba, House, Garage, Trance Folk, Rock Poets/Writers that inspire me: Dr.Seuis! Terry Pratchett, Franz Kathka, Williams Burrows, J.P Donlevy, Timithy Leary, Sage Francis Art movements that inspire me: NATURAL/ORGANIC;Psychedila, Abstract, Surreal, Op-Art, Art Deco, Neuvo, Cubeism, Geometric, Graphic. My creations usually consist of allnate, natural, organic, futuristic psychedelic pattern design, witch I enjoy most. Fantasy charater design, and wild-style graffiti colligraphy. My mediums are usually Ink, Spray paint, Acrylic, Paint pens, Oils, Poster paint, Scapels, Screen Printing, CAD/CAM, Masking Tape, Crayons, Dylon fabric paint, Sylicone, Heat press, Inferno and my next steps are Tattoing, Air brushing and Marbelling. I bring a refreshing feeling of new life, and strong energy into the radid evolution of my work, spun from deep outward spiraling, inner feelings of Love for these blessings of creating positive messages from the soul in communication too the nature around us today/tomorrow. And i am well known for my passioate hard work. I get paid for commitions like painting skateparks, bedrooms, Vans, cafes or bars. Or designing album covers, flyers, tattoees, logos, banners ect. I also sell hand painted clothing and canvases by hand or at underground exhibitions or shops. My reality is a reflection of this creation. I will create the world in my reality i now dream to live in. In order to survive, i will make a living out of my life, so the life living will be one of my own creation i bring life to. But wish not to be a product by commertial transformation, but to take part in the act of being a product of this self-productiveness...

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