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Mu Dae


Mu Dae’s visual work interweaves silk printing and embroideries with his personal poetry. Drawing his initial inspiration from daily poetry writing, the works are further informed by literary experiences from a range of cultures and traditions: he is influenced equally by William Blake and Zhou Bangyan, David Bowie and Leigh Bowery. Traversing cities and towns; wandering through parks; dinners parties with creative friends; the flickering morning light across the lake: all these moments, seen through the gateway of dreams, have been inspirations for both his writings and visual work. Initially he will write down the poem, along with an illustration of the dream, before reinterpreting these in paint and silk thread.  Drawing on his family heritage, he has developed a unique, personal embroidery technique arising from both eastern and western traditions. Dividing one single silk thread into 32 parts, he aims to create a world of vibrant colours on silk, with shimmering embroidered patterns and underlying printed images constituting the media for his most recent collection. The results of this deeply personal aesthetic -  the integration of text and image through an innovative yet culturally sensitive technical process - develop a system of response to visionaries both ancient and modern through the eyes of a contemporary dreamer, and draw a line between meta-subjectivity and his own romanticised vision.

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