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PAUL Dickens

Draw / paint / cartoonist / tweeter / illustrate / IT Security consultant (yes I know) / blogger / parent / husband.


Can't live without it, well, almost but you wouldn't be able to stand my company for long!

Started as a draughtsman found my way to IT Security pining for my dream job!

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Love to draw,paint and create. 

Currently part time when the demand arises, if I did draw for a living that would be my dream job. Instead I keep drawing in my spare time and doing what I need to do: directing positives and negatives through the nib of a pen. 

For the past few years I have been drawing a cartoon a day and these can be found on my blog, and you can catch me on Twitter, @scribblinghouse. You might notice my attention to the UK's politians who are a most amusing bunch. Who would you vote for?

Inspirational editorial cartoonists: Morten Morland, Martin Rowson, Steve Bell and Mr Scarfe's massive Wall of work. I have never looked at a hammer in the same way!

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