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Zackary Rasmussen


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07/07/2006 - Present

Rasmussen, New York


New York

Allow me to introduce myself; my name is Zackary Rasmussen, and I am the proud owner of Rasmussen, New York. A small design firm located in Upstate, New York, who specifically pursues the development of innovative techniques, which is used to create modern artistic compositions. In an attempt to modernize traditional mosaics Rasmussen, New York has added a rich assortment of precious and semi-precocious gemstones to its pallet of mediums.  Opposed to a classic mosaics the rich assortment defines an unlimited spectrum of color as well as unprecedented levels of chroma, intensity, contrast, value, and perspective. To better exhibit the use of the natural gemstones Rasmussen, New York developed the Belumíere Technique. The method permits an innovative approach that enhances the brilliance of all its precious compositions. All works are made in the USA, and are precisely crafted one stone at a time. Rasmussen-Designs takes great pride in all of their works, and the difference in our method clearly shines through.    


04/01/2014 - 04/30/2014

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