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Rebecca Barker


Ever since I can remember I have taken an interest in the creative side of life, I find myself looking at even the most simplistic of ideas and wanting to learn more about how they developed. By combining the study of Art, Design, ICT and English Language I allowed myself to answer those questions and discover ideas of my own. These subjects interest me as they are continuously expanding, which gives me a sense of excitement and encourages me to want to contribute and get involved. I regularly visit local and popular galleries, take part in workshops and events, work in gallery youth forums and generally try to get out and about to get my imaginative juices flowing! I find that by visiting galleries I can look at the work of contemporary and past successful artists in order to inspire my own. This allows me to determine the type of work I would like to be involved in myself by discovering aspects of pieces that I like and some, which I don't. At the moment I'm really getting into painting with passion and energy, I prefer to work in a manner that allows me to show emotion and character rather than concentrating on precision. I have also been involved in working with disabled children to produce projects, I found this very rewarding and it gave me satisfaction to see that such a contribution could mean so much to a child. I worked with a local specialised school for disabled children and I found that the experience gave me a chance to look at other practicalities of art and design. During the summer I arranged to work for a short time at a web design company in Sheffield to assist me when deciding on the type of employment I would like to go into. This allowed me to experience the reality of a working environment of this profession and gave me the chance to see what it would be like living independently and meeting new people. Whilst working there I was able to get an insight into the business world by learning about various areas of a company and also experiencing professional meetings with the company's important clients.

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