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Rehana Nagdee


I am Rehana Nagdee, a visual artist. My work consists of vibrant and abstract hard edge paintings that take on an Op Art and psychedelic look. The media that I commonly use is emulsion matt based paints on canvas materials. Thank you for taking the time to view my page.

The roots of my work begin with my interest in human perception and psychology. I am fascinated in the human senses, especially in exploring the sense of vision and making work that is visually stimulating or illusive like that of optical illusions due to the impact it has on affecting vision. I am heavily influenced by nature, geometry and architecture by the form of lines that exist within them, such as the waves in the sea or the branches of a tree, the order and arrangement of simple shapes and lines to create pattern in geometry and the construction and build of classical architecture. I also like the growth and progression of their existence. The surface of my work is concentrated on line, movement, pattern and colour. The process of creating pattern starts with a collection of experiments of line manipulation. I produce a series of lines in transition, always starting with a single line and observing the ways in which it can turn, move or bend. I achieve pattern through repetition of each line. I like the idea of taking something simple and making it more interesting. I use colour to bring ‘life’ into ones surroundings and to feel a sense of emotion as well as stimulating vision. My education background - I studied at the University of Central Lancashire, having done two years of a degree in Fine Art, and one year in graphic design. I also studied at North Trafford College and I have a BTEC National Diploma in Art and Design.

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