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Solomon Onaolapo


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Project Manager

I'm the acting project manager for Rising Stars NW CIC, it's my duty to develop, design and deliver engaging projects for young people.  This may include music production projects, lyrics writing, singing lessons, dance workshops, fundraising events, and event filming.



I have two years experience of fundraising for Rising Stars NW CIC.  Some of the projects i have received funding for include 'Just Dance' a street / break dance and healthy eating project for young people age 5 - 16 in Brinnington, and 'Brinnington Beats' a music production workshop for young people age 13 - 16.  Our main funders include Awards for all, NHS, SMBC, Community Development Foundation, Forever Manchester, and Stockport Homes. 


Events Management

I completed an MSc Events Management degree at Manchester Metropolitan University in 2010.  I have since been working with Rising Stars NW CIC to organise various events and projects including a music tour, fundraising events, and sport days.

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