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Robert Wade


I Undertook a National Diploma in graphic design at the worcester college of art and design, where i achieved 3 distinctions and a portfolio of work which covered a range of design practise. I am currently studying creative imaging at the University of Huddersfield. I do freelance work in my spare time, these include album artwork, leaflets, logo design and poster promotion. I enjoy the fast pace industry that graphics provides, i think its a challenge, its a way of percieving things differently, as a designer you think of the way things work, you spend time looking where as the public eye may only glance. I am influenced by everyday life, everyday occurance, but as every designer i have my favourite artists/design companies that influence my design practise. My main influence is The Attik, not only for their amazing design work, but for the way they think, they way they percieve the world, and include these in their design practise. I like how they work as a collective, Their synergy is what makes the company so inspiring to me. I enjoy their Noise books, it inspires me to be more self directed. Another influence is Christos Maggana's, a designer who i found who uses a similar process to me (which is intergrating 3d abstract renders into their design work). Graphic design is my hobby and my line of work. I wish to complete my degree to the best of my ability and join a top design company, then work my way up to the top!

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