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Robin Bhattacharya


ROBIN BHATTACHARYA After being born about a quarter of a century ago in bern, switzerland, to a swiss mother and an indian father, i was only 3 months old, when i found myself already on route as a migrant, going to panzano, italy to spend there my beautiful early childhood under the mediterranean sun. Later we moved back and i grew up and had my education till 'Maturity' in switzerland. It was in that period, at 16, that i made my first film. After hi-school, some friends and me started a movie production company, Lomotion AG (which is meanwhile one of switzerland's most 'edgy' music-video creators). But for some reason i soon decided not to work only commercially and went to London to study art, at st. martin's and at chelsea college. Again limited by the surrounding structures, we tried to expand the boundaries of our institution and its expectations, organising the 'open congress', initiating an independent seminar series and having a series of events entitled Collide/Collabo as the degree show project. Currently living and working in London.

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