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Twickenham, United Kingdom

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Rahul Yadav


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The Stealth System Used In Context
The Stealth System Developed Concepts

Education / Qualifications

09/26/2011 - 09/01/2014

Birmingham City University


BA (Hons) Product Design



Over my 3 years at university, I have learnt alot about designing and making new products. Theres many aspects to look at, from manufacturing process, ergonomics, aestetic design and even costing. Ive learnt how to do both 3rd angle and 1st angle perspective, and can hand draw technical drawings, if necessary. 

During my first year, there was a sponsered project for a company called Fairfield, in which we had to use there fittings to create a sculpture piece. Within this project, we created a hanging piece with metal pieces covered in a swirl pattern. This was accomplished by putting sandpaper onto a piece of dowel and using a pillar drill to create the patter. This allowed us to eventually be one of the winners of our entire year.

In my third year, we moved to our new campus with a great workshop, were i was fortunate enough to use a 3D printer, Which allowed me to make my signature final project, The Stealth System. This project taught me alot. I learnt SolidWorks (3D development program) alot more as it pushed me to my limits of design. This project also allowed me to use a decent spraybooth which was fun.

Education / Qualifications

09/06/2003 - 07/30/2010

The Heathland School


Hounslow, London

10 A* - C Passes including Double English, Double Science, Maths and Fine Art

(1 AS Level in Economics, B)

3 Alevels: Maths (B), Fine Art (B), Physics (D)

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