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Sebastian May

Every piece of art starts with an idea / and I've got plenty of them. I'm a young visual artist hungry for creative work.


My art embodies stands for the artist’s freedom to express himself, but also for his responsibility to encourage good practice, constructive dialogue and positive social engagement. Believing that art has the power to enrich people’s daily lives, my aim is to use my artistry to inspire others and to create an environment within which art has the power to expand social horizons creatively. Herewith, I advocate collaborative efforts to promote art and artistic dialogue on a national and international level.

Sebastian May was born and raised in the outskirts of Frankfurt (Germany, 1985). Moving to Detroit (USA, 2000), he quickly embraced America’s visual arts; the plethora of urban art galleries, independent artists and institutes such as the DIA (Detroit Institute of Arts). After completing his International Baccalaureate at the International Academy of Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, he returned to Europe to realize his BA Hons in Media at the University of Westminster in London (United Kingdom, 2004) and finally completed a MA in International Relations at the University of Kent’s campus in Brussels (Belgium, 2007). ​ Working across Europe’s buzzing creative industries, Sebastian continued to build a strong visual arts portfolio with a concentration on contemporary painting. Finding inspiration in some of Europe’s biggest institutes for modern and contemporary art such as the ‘Tate Modern’ and the ‘Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris’, the artist carried on to train his own skills and to collaborate with other artists.  Today, Sebastian lives and works in London, where he continues to work within the creative and art industries as he has done since his return to Europe in 2004. His primary focus is to foster the UK’s and Europe’s contemporary art movement internationally and to promote the importance of art in people’s daily lives.

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