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Sin?ad Doyle


2000-2004: Limerick School of Art and Design Ireland, 1:1 degree in fashion design. Worked in mens and womenswear but focused on mens functional streetwear and technical fabrics for my final collection. Was getting average grades until I started focusing on menswear in my third (diploma) year and was suddenly top of the class. 2005-2006: MA in Fashion Design and Technology Menswear at London College of Fashion. Took this year to focus on tailoring and digital print and work entirely in menswear. I enjoy pattern cutting and sewing and generally make all my own collections which meant learning a lot of tailoring skills in a short time for my MA collection. I've worked in Ireland for a womenswear company Brushgate Ltd between my Degree and MA which was a fantastic company to work for where I learned lots but really wanted to work in menswear and for the higher end market. In 2003 worked for Siv Stoldal and Michelle Lowe Holder in London as an intern and gained lots of useful experience. I also worked for an evil design duo and have since decided that when I'm rich and powerful I'm going to start a campaign to see unpaid interns treated fairly and not forced into excessive manual labour and unpaid retail work for designers (or have plates thrown at them- not my story, that happened to another intern friend but I'm collecting them up for my big campaign... I just need to get Bono and Bob Geldolf on my side...). Ambition wise, I hope to launch a very exclusive (read: small) mens shirting collection next year with the hard earned wages from my current retail work unless I seduce a generous multi-millionaire in the meantime, in which case a full collection is on it's way. Would like to have my own label one day but want to gain more experience working for another company for many years first, or alternatively to work for a large high end fahsion company and work my way up to a creative director position. Dior or YSL would do.... Looking for work in the fashion industry at the moment -If any British companies want a junior menswear designer with less than 3 years experience let me know because it's impossible to find work as a graduate with 1 years experience and an MA - I'm willing to pick up pins from the floor for a year- just hire me.

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