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Essex, United Kingdom

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Suzanne Thornton


Designer/maker- Suzanne Thornton Recently graduated with BA Hons Degree 3DD- Glass, (2.1) from University College for the Creative Arts, Farnham. Consumed by the manipulative, fluid and versatile attributes of liquid glass, I specialise in producing seductive, contemporary glassware. My designs develop alongside conceptual development, which is transitory incoherence with my evolving practice. The latest collection, 'cause and effect' is an explorative voicing of decorative entities which signify my current interests: layering, manipulation of form, colour overlay, cutting/polishing, refractions and reflections. Fascinated by the contrast between interior and exterior form, I create unique, asymmetric objects. By developing a series of techniques, which combined, create signature, one off pieces. My inspiration is expressed through initial visualisation, combined with technical processes, working with the illusive medium of molten glass. The outcome is an exciting, innovative collection of stylish glass object with embellishment at the forefront of design. An extremely tactile collection, the viewer takes an interactive approach of observation.

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