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Enterprise - Fundraising

09/12/2013 - Present

Arts Fundraising Fellow

The Arts Fundraising Fellowship programme is a an Arts Council funded scheme to train future fundraisers in the arts sector. There are 15 fellows placed in arts organisations across England and since September I have been working at he Royal Northern College of Music. The programme is a year long and consists of practical work in the organisation and structured training sessions centred around writing applications, individual giving, major donor fundraising etc. So far my duties have included coordinating a Gala Dinner, coordinating a seat naming campaign and writing applications to Trusts and Foundations. 


Paper cutting

Originally taught over an intensive week of training with Chinese paper cutting artist Lu Shengzhong, I have developed my cutting skills in both traditional style and a more modern style with a scalpel. Paper cutting is a more permanent version of drawing on paper, and uses the paper as an essential part of the story telling. I use paper as a juxtaposition to digital media which is much more temporary and fleeting. By using an irrevirsible technique such as paper cutting, each line needs to be considered much more than perhaps that of a pencil.

Education / Qualifications

Manchester Metropolitan University


BA Interactive Arts (Hons)



I received a First Class Honours degree in BA Interactive Arts in 2013. The focus of the course was to experiment with materials and ideas, allowing students the time to realise the area within which they want to work, and to fully inform their ideas.



After years of working in a library, and noticing the decline in book purchasing and the increase in investment of digital media, I turned my attention to learning bookbinding. The aim was to apply this traditional skill and turn the form of a book into an object of art. As I could see the relevance of the book fading in society, I wanted to find a new reason for the book to exist and for this traditional skill to continue. I have so far learned various bookbinding styles including Japanese stab and stitch, long stitch and coptic stitching.

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