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London, United Kingdom

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Tolani. St

Tolani St Anne Juliuson

Artisan / Hand Sewing / Hand Crafting / Draw / Write / Art.


Imagine, design, create and inspire.

I'm an aspiring artisan designing and bringing to life the extraordinary things I imagine, expressing my thoughts and my originality through hand sewing and making. My life evolves around craftmanship, tradition, hand sewing, tailoring and couture. I also write, draw, embroider and hand weave all for the love of individuality, personality, expression and art.

What's Happening

Pinstripe knit chevronOutstanding
Rib knit plain cottonOutstanding
Polka knitExcellent
Couture twill pleatsOutstanding


06/09/2014 - 06/13/2014

Victoria and Albert Museum Men's Tailoring Course


Victoria and Albert Museum

Being given this rare opportunity enabled me to gain an insight to the skills required in the men’s tailoring industry, while gaining an understanding of garment construction and the differences between bespoke tailoring and made to-measure garments. I learned various valuable tailoring techniques including: pad stitch, basting stitch, back stitch, mark stitch and button holes as well as the process of making a high quality tailored waistcoat. I was extremely privileged to have been given the additional opportunity to visit a couple of top Savile Row tailors; Rubinacci and Henry Poole; and discuss the tailoring industry with tailors at both establishments. The entire experience was incredible and the most inspiring. It helped encourage and develop my standard skills in hand sewing as well as enhanced my confidence in my career choice.       




Excellent hand/loom weaving skills

I have excellent skills in hand/loom weaving having being commissioned to create a hand woven art piece to celebrate the 20th year anniversary of my former college NewVIc, commissioned by Bamford to create a collection of hand woven samples for Valentines and Easter gifts as well as future commissions for TH2 designs LTD. I continue to hand weave my own pieces creating small scale fabric samples which I plan to develop into either outer wear couture garments or large scale installation pieces.

Education / Qualifications

10/04/2010 - 07/05/2013

Central Saint Martins University of The Arts


BA HONS Degree (Textile design)


Kings Cross

I studied at the Central Saint Martins University for three years, specialising in Textile Design (Weave).

My experience in woven textiles included projects for brands such as: Dashings Tweeds and Daks which required a development of fabric swatches for their upcoming season at the time SS13, designing a new house check for Daks and a new menswear fabric for Dashing Tweeds. Other projects included: a botanical project designing fabrics inspired by vegetables and fruits, ribbons and trims weaving narrow fabrics that could be used as either jewellery, bag straps, belts etc, new materials project designing fabrics using materials and yarns contrary to the traditional breaking boundaries and experimenting with other unique materials, an interior project designing interior and upholstery fabrics as well as understanding what qualities an interior fabric should consist of, and then my last two projects in my third year were my own choices.

For my first project in third year, I chose to concentrate on the birth country of my parents, Nigeria. I chose to create a minimalist collection inspired by their survival on wood. Then for my final project of my course, I wanted to focus on my love for both knitting as well as weaving and create a minimalist collection experimenting with ways of bringing both of the techniques together. This collection is the most personal to me as it represents exactly who I am, an artist.

My study at the Central Saint Martins was one of my toughest experiences but the most cherished. I most definately hold my degree with great pride as I know how much dedication and passion I had to have in order to achieve all the experiences and my natural urge to learn, design and make made my three years enjoyable and rewarding.


Excellent hand sewing skills

I've always had an exceptional eye for detail as well as patience. After gaining so much valuable experience doing internships with many designers, I've been trusted to take on advanced tasks including hand sewing, embroidery and embellishing. While being supported as an upcoming new talent by Textprint, I continue to exhibit my skills in the form of couture art.


07/26/2012 - 08/18/2012

Dashing Tweeds

- Mending and embroidery on production woven fabric, needle weaving and warp winding. 




08/19/2012 - 08/22/2012

Louise Gray

- Hand sewing/embroidery weaving and mending jaquard woven fabrics for AW13 production.


09/02/2013 - 02/14/2014



Duke of York Square

- Hand woven, hand sewn and hand made gifts for special occasions and elite customers.
- Monogramming.
- Couture hand weaving and designing fabrics.
- Designing and making sample accessories for India production.


10/05/2012 - 01/06/2013

Lou Dalton


Brick Lane

- Hand sewing and embellishing a collection of menswear tops in collaboration with Harvey Nichols.
- Model dressing.


09/14/2012 - 09/03/2013

Roksanda Ilincic

- Hand sewing and embellishing garments.


09/09/2012 - 09/14/2013

Holly Fulton



- Hand sewing and embellishing garments and accessories.
- Tailoring and alterations.
- Model dressing.


08/23/2012 - 10/02/2012

Noel Stewart



- Hat blocking.
- Hand sewing hats and accessories with additional embellishments and trimmings for AW12 and SS13 production.
- Hand sewing hats/visors for Lacoste SS13, Gareth Pugh SS13, Holly Fulton SS13, Roksanda Ilincic SS13 and Clair Barrow SS13.

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Dream Job

Hand sewing

Dream Job


Dream Job


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