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Manchester, United Kingdom

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Tom Burford

Musician / Producer / DJ / Theatre maker / Theatre programmer


I am a musician, producer, DJ, theatre maker and multi-displinary arts events curator. The focus of my creative work is on bringing together these different practices, creating a hub for underground and experimental creativity.

Creatively I make work across a number of different practices. I have been a passionate musician for over 10 years. This began with the drum kit, learning to play anything from Jazz, hip-hop and latin to breakbeat. I began experimenting with fusing these different styles from a young age. After getting my grade 8 in drum kit, I started to experiment with music production software, as a way to capture my interest in both live instrumentation and electronic music. The music I produce takes influence from house, jazz, Afrobeat, soul, UK Funky and dubstep. Regardless of whatever tangent my music seems to take at any given time there is always a focus on the rhythmic aspect of the music, often with a lot of live percussive elements underpinning a dance floor aesthetic. I have had music released on a EP for Glasgow based charity label/ night Philanthrobeats alongside Optimo's JD Twitch. I have also collaborated on productions with Tru thoughts artist Werkha, who I currently share studio space with and am to be getting involved more with in the future as his live project develops. As a DJ I am resident for club night Rubix. Having been one of the founders of this club night in Newcastle, we have brought artists as diverse as Funkineven, Romare, Dark Sky and Appleblim to the city all as debutants. This night now runs in Glasgow's sub club run by a group of close friends and music fanatics. I am also the artistic Director a multi-discpilary arts collective (Elevation Arts Collective) that brings together Musicians, producers, DJ's, fine artists, photographers and theatre makers from around the North of England for one of events and showcases. I currently live in Manchester, where as well as producing music my focus has also moved heavily into curating multi-disciplinary arts events that bring together Music, Film, Installation and Performance work. I am currently one of Contact Manchester's young producing and programming. Within this role I am co-curating a micro festival bringing together some of the UK's most forward thinking proponents of music, film, installation and performance work.

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Re: CON present Fluxus

Fluxus brings together an eclectic mix of music, film, installation and performance work from around the UK; blurring the lines between these practices, and inviting the audience to immerse themselves in something new.

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08/21/2013 - Present

Contact Manchester



Re: CON present Fluxus

Fluxus brings together an eclectic mix of music, film, installation and performance work from around the UK; blurring the lines between these practices and inviting the audience to immerse themselves in something new.

Enterprise -

05/24/2011 - Present

Elevation Arts Collective


Artistic Director

The Elevation Arts Collective are a group of artists producing work across a range of practices including: Musicians, producers, DJ’s, visual artists, photographers, theatre makers, filmmakers and poets. The purpose of the collective is to showcase an eclectic mix of underground and alternative work, and to create a place where artists of different aesthetics can collaborate and communicate.

The Elevation Arts Collective also curate cross-disciplinary arts events that brings together the artistic output, audiences and experiences seen across club nights, live music performance, art exhibition and theatre. The EAC's events create a unique experience of there own, allowing the audience to be taken on a journey through different art forms.

Previous EAC events have showcased artists including:

Werkha/ Ocelot/ Cypria/ Fortune/ Contours

Murray Thompson/ Ryan Dovenor/ Jemma Marsh/ Anna O'Driscoll

EAC company


11/06/2013 - Present



Z-Arts Manchester

hÅb programmes contemporary performance and live art work. Being a trainee project manager with this small company has been great, as it has allowed me to gain valuable experience in a number of areas. I have been responsible more elements of artist liason, social media, marketting, event logistics, funding and general arts admin.

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09/20/2010 - 05/24/2013

Northumbria University


1st Class Hons Performance




I am a Mountain Unicyclist.


I have hitchhiked across Hungry and Romania.


I make an absolutely cracking pot of humous.

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Musician/ DJ and Theatre maker and artistic director of established multi-disciplinary arts events .

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