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Darwen, United Kingdom

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urban expressionist

Lee Wareing

stencil artist / BA HONS fine art student 2nd year


I am what happens when Pollock meets graffiti. I'm a stencil based artist and love to muck around with the formula to keep things fresh.

I love to paint and i describe my work as Jackson Pollock/ graffiti crossover. I use a flicking motion to splash paint over the canvas and i make heavy use of stencils. In this way i can control the uncontrollable. I'm in an experimental stage with my work at the moment so i'm breaking away from black and white and trying to inject some colour into my work.

What's Happening

Father Son collaboration
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04/11/2014 - 04/12/2014

Pinkdot exhibition





This exhibition came about as a direct result of following up on a post that Sonny Barker (our other artist in residence) had posted on Facebook. The curators were after content from Manchester based artists but I thought I would try my luck. They were only too happy to accommodate me and my work. I made sure I finished my Jack Nicholson on plasterboard for this exhibition which went down a storm. I had little involvement in the running for this exhibition other than placing and hanging my work. The exhibition involved artists, live graffiti, live music and a DJ set. It was a great exhibition with a completely different atmosphere than any of the others that I had been involved with.


03/21/2014 - 04/18/2014

Pop up Africa exhibition


Assistant curator


Disused shop Blackburn

This exhibition was organised by Safina Sijad, with some help from me, Angela Hoyland and Michelle Whaley. For this exhibition the show from the Howarth art gallery was taken down and taken to a popup gallery in Blackburn town centre. To keep this exhibition fresh we invited three other photographers and another artist, all of which were on one or another of the South African trips through college. The exhibition was a huge success with upwards of 80 people turning up for the show.


04/02/2014 - Present

Gregson center solo exhibition


Curator/ co-ordinator


Gregson center Lancaster

This was my second solo exhibition and ran in conjunction with the Howarth art gallery exhibition. This added to the extra stress of having to arrange the Howarth but was a great experience none the less. Although I didn’t receive the support I expected the few that came included friends, family and my tutor Paul Mason. It was also the 1st exhibition where I made a direct sale and will remain a special moment in my life. I spent a good deal of time chatting with the happy customer and ended up signing and writing a message on the art work for him.


11/09/2013 - 12/14/2013

1st solo exhibition


Currator, organiser, artist, advertising


Sprout cafe, Blackburn

This was my first exhibition and boy did I pile the pressure on. After the venue was booked I started to realise the magnitude of what I was doing. There was a lot of space to fill and I had 3 months to fill it. My first target was to create the work and I had set myself a target of 15 paintings minimum, 3 of which I already had, only 12 to go. This meant working early and working late... really late, sometimes I worked until 3.30 am and was up and about again for 7am.

Once these paintings were completed my role as the artist was complete, my next task was advertising. I had already created an event on Facebook but it was time to spruce it up a little and create some chatter on here so that people would remember. I asked friends, family and colleagues to share the link over Facebook. I also made my own flyer to post around University, Library’s and town halls.

That only left the transportation and hanging of the paintings and as one of these was too big for the car, I had no access to a van this meant hiring a man and van for 20 minutes. Things were getting exciting for me now, time for hanging my work ready for the open evening. This proved more complex than I thought as I had painted all different sizes (as I had not sold and didn’t know what sizes would sell) so some of the pieces I wanted together could not go together. In the end I had to drop 1 piece and the rest of the art went well together.


03/15/2014 - Present



Curator/ co-ordinator


Howarth art gallery, Accrington

This was my 1st group exhibition between artists and photographers that I have met while studying for my degree at Blackburn University centre. The theme was Africa as we have all been on a visit with the university and was all deeply inspired. The open day was a huge success and was one of photographers, chase up for the deadline, organise work to be taken and hung, measuring up and hanging the work and allocating the space allowances. It has been a very interesting and rewarding experience and I look forward to the next opportunity. The pictures below are lino prints from my colligue Jodt Webb.


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Lets cook
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