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Wai Wa Amus-Leung

Wai Wa Amus Leung


I was studying for my higher national diploma in Hong Kong for 3 years in fashion. The emphasis of my study was focused on costume design & haute couture. During this time I produced eight outfits, which was based on the idea of inside emotions combine with idea of self-realisation. The end result was that each garment had its own colour to represent emotions designed in costume style together with hard leather. After my graduation I had managed find work as a designer with Deko'z, a local Hong Kong women's wear design company. This was predominately a mainstream upmarket mass-produced clothing company which was not well-matched with the course I had attended previously as I felt I had not acquired the necessary skills learnt at my previous diploma in Hong Kong. As a result of working a real life situation in the fashion industry, I personally felt that I had lacked skills in tailoring and pattern making . In order to find the right field of study for costume design with the heavy emphasis on tailoring and pattern making, I had choose Ravensbourne College for BA. For my final collection I choose the theme conflict, where I intended to make eight garments. The theme conflict was a re-discovery of my previous work in Hong Kong in an attempt to further understand the human physic and emotion as I have a great interest in this field of study. The idea of my theme was inspired by current affair news where Wars has currently been the centre of attention for the past few years in the media. This has created a level of fear & anxiety amongst society in particular the many men and women who had served in the now current state of conflict in the Middle East as well as those who had previously served in past conflicts such as WW2 and the Vietnam War The concept of my piece is conflict in the aftermath of a given war. The conflict that continues to live in an individual's mindset during the times of peace. For this group of people who had served and experienced war this can be a very painful remember of the past. There could be permanent scares, battle wounds and mental illness that would cause discomfort whenever reminded of War whilst watching the news on TV. For these individuals, the war may be over but there continues to be war in one's mind In order to incorporate the chosen theme into the end product of eight series of garments, I had planned to initially base my ideas on 1940's working clothes worn by women during this era. The colour tone would be white based with a rough dirty final touch to it. The problem was that this idea would have missed the concept of modern fashion, as it is a style, which is dated and lacks many fashionable elements. Although I still wished to have kept my original theme. In order to stick to the theme of conflict to it best use I had to approach a new design concept from a more moody and psycho point of view. What was needed was a line of clothing that gave an uncomfortable impression when viewed in order to remind people of certain personal dark (war/conflict) emotions. Skin burn textures was an area that inspired me in this area. I would choose black as the main colour theme with slightly oversized outfits with deconstructed jackets. The main idea to be was to create women's outfits that captured the shape of a man with the intention of giving a sense of power to a woman who would be wearing this outfit. I have acquired many skills whilst working on the eight garments that were finally made. Techniques learnt such as pattern making, sewing and tailoring suits would prove to be very important skills required for the end result of my final collection. This further helped me understand how to exercise the right judgement in proportion of the garment. As I have been involved with fashion for the past six years, my only wish for my career is to continue in this industry. I would like to start it off initially as an assistant buyer or work in a design related magazine as a stylist. I would also strongly consider been a part time or freelance fashion designer. If I feel that working as a buyer or stylist does not suit me I can always work as a fashion designer.

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