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Manchester, United Kingdom

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We Fly Solo

Liam Creely

Freelance Graphic Design / Logo Artwork / Flyer/Poster Artwork / Hand Drawn Artwork / Canvas Artwork / Social Networking Advertising artwork / CD / Album / Mixtape Artwork / & More


Liam Creely – one of Pinkdots graphic designers, 21, Manchester. Showcasing and selling his art at Pinkdot. Liam is a laid back guy with a love of his work and industry, finding contentment in being able to create a brand, logo or general design to fit the individual’s perfect style is what makes Liam work to his best potential. We Fly Solo : Graphic Design is a clothing brand Liam created as part of a college final major project, and carried it through on completion when he found freelance was how he was going to develop his career. Designing work for brands such as Boston Shakers, Black Label Hair products, Gramm Clothing & All About Good Music, DJ’s and artists like Joshua Ryan, Jamz Supernova & Future Bounce, Furbz of Highrise Ent and many more, but mainly focussing his talents on logo work, flyers, posters, mix tape’s, cd album covers, invites, business cards and graphics which help others to promote their brand in an individual and attractive way.

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Black Label Hair Products  Bottle Design

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Graphic Designer (ANYWHERE)

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