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Peterborough, United Kingdom

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Sophie Harvey

Illustrator / Artist / Protest artist


Sophie Harvey, Illustrator / Fine Artist / Activist

“If I were to remain silent, I'd be guilty of complicity.” ― Albert Einstein

Sophie Harvey studied at Norwich University of the Arts and has a degree in illustration. She produces work that highlights contemporary issues, using the images to communicate a clear and strong concept. Animal rights and welfare are subjects Sophie is particularly passionate about. They are the driving force behind her creative output. The majority of Sophie's illustrations are highly detailed pencil drawings, which are then coloured digitally.
Sophie's illustrations have been favourably showcased in the blog of art and design magazine Creative Review as part of their coverage of Norwich University of the Arts Degree show. She was also selected to exhibit work at the D&AD ‘New Blood’ exhibition in London to represent her university.

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The Seven Deadly Currencies

The Seven Deadly Currencies is a project that can be found on my noise portfolio intended to raise awareness on animal cruelty issues around the world centred around profit and greed. This blog provides more information on each of the banknotes created.

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I once had 3 pet snails


There is nothing much more relaxing then drawing a naked person.


I have flown a small plane that resembled a bathtub (I did have the pilot next to me)

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I hope to set up my own business. I would love to work with like minded artists

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