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Concept art

Concept art is the design and creation of visual assets and ideas for various things including Videos games, animation, graphic novels/comics, film and television. These can be character designs, enviroment design, costume design, mood paintings, key frames, prop and asste design, and much more. A concept artist role can be to make visual representations of a writer/art direct/ film directors ideas and thoughts, they can also create art to help inspire the writers/ directors while in the early stage of a projects development. Some work created can be used as a referance for other artist's e.g. 3D artist, CG artsist, VFX artist in other parts of a project. I am comfotable with all elements of concept art and i am always learning and experimenting to try improve my skills in this field. i epsecially enjoy the development parts of projects as they give me the chance to genereate lots of ideas and flex my creative muscles.



Illustration comes in many forms from picture books and book cover design to editorial works and animation art. I studied and graduated from Swansea metropolitan university's General illustration course. The essance of illustration is as of visual communictaion be it telling a story, showing a message or inspiring an emotion. My form of Illustration is a stylized realism. My strengths include, concept art, visual development, character design, environment design, prop and asset creation, storyboarding, 2D art, book cover design and comic/graphic novel art but i am more than happy to try my hand at anyhting that a client or art director might think my style would suite.

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09/13/2010 - 06/28/2013

Swansea metropolitan university


Ba General Illustration degree



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