POODLES PILOT  script sample
Aged 16 James Fellows  Through the eyes of absurdityOutstanding
Michael Sloan animation showreelOutstanding
Comedy Script Get Well Soon Written by Samuel Curtis
Aged 16 James Fellows  A Conservative is a man who is too cowardly to fight and too fat to run
Aged 15 James Fellows  DylanCurator Choice
3D Character model
Age 16 James Fellows  A taste of the Tories
StandUp Comedy  Debut GiG
Walk the PlankOutstanding
StandUp Comedy routine
A Taste of his own medicine  James Fellows hand made caricature sculpture
Aged 16 James Fellows  Cant do right for doing wrongCurator Choice
Forest HunterOutstanding
Aged 16 James Fellows  David Cameron caricature sculptureOutstanding
Melanie Gayle  Live  We are Funny Project  Dirty DicksOutstanding